What Is Under Ride?
When any vehicle collides with the rear end of another and it continues to travel beneath the taller chassis of the larger vehicle; that is, the striking vehicle (bullet vehicle) “rides under” the larger one (target vehicle).

The invasion of the target vehicle compartment that follows the under riding, has the potential to rupture the gas tank of the target vehicle.

Although fires are rare and frontal impacts account for 60 to 70 percent of crash fires, rear-end impacts are three times as likely to result in fatal fire crashes.

77% Of Fuel System Ruptures Were The Result Of Rear End Collision Damage. Why? Because The Fuel Tank On Most Vehicles Is In The Rear!

Fires occur in approximately 2.4 percent of all fatal crashes. National Highway Transportation Safety Administration estimates approximately 310 deaths per year are caused by post-collision vehicle fires. The largest cause of these fire-related fatalities, are rear impacts which account for approximately 143 of these fatalities (46%).

In 1998 there were 91 deaths associated with people backing over people. We’ve spent millions of dollars developing back-up alarms and back-up cameras – some cars even come equipped with them. So why don’t we make stronger bumpers to protect the 143 people each year that die from fires resulting from a rear end accident?

How Can The Problem Be Fixed?
1. Relocation Of The Tank – Front, Rear, Mid-Line and/or
2. Shielding From Rupture Or Puncture

These are the two single, most practical solutions to fuel fed fires.

Shielding Or Guarding From Intrusions Into The Tank Zone Is Just One Of The Benefits Of Our Protective Towing Products