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“Jeff, it looks great on my Range Rover and it also saved my car from a lot of damage. I was hit in the rear by a 2 ton truck in the middle of midtown (Manhattan) while stuck in traffic. I drove away with a cracked reflector instead of broken tail lights, dented tailgate, cracked bumper and maybe even a broken back window. This bumper really saved me a lot of money.

All the other pieces I see that plug into the tow hitch are more for looks than anything else. Yours not only looks good but also serves a real purpose in protection and I will tell anyone without a doubt this product is a must have…”

Ian Skeete – Bronx, NY

How Will the Superbumper Look on Your Vehicle?
Here’s Photos showing how Superbumper Looks Installed!
It’s the world’s only crash tested receiver hitch step that absorbs impact up to 30 MPH and looks great!

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Why Our Products Don’t Have Lights…

48% Of The People That Rear End You…Are Not Even Slowing Down!

You could hang a neon sign back there and they’d still hit you! They’re just not paying attention. That’s why lighted hitch steps and hitch covers don’t work.

Why Our Bumpers Are Not Curved…

We need to allow for 2.5″ of crush depth. Curved ends would just end up hitting the bumper or bumper cover and defeating the whole purpose of protection. Curved hitch steps actually damage things they shouldn’t in low speed collisions.

In stop and go traffic, you’re more likely to get in a rear end collision
than any other crash type.”
~David Zuby, VP, Insurance Institute For Highway Safety

Superbumper - World's Only Crash Tested Receiver Hitch Step that Absorbs Impact up to 30 MPH!