If you’ve ever suffered a rear-end collision, you know the damage — even at low speeds — can be mind-boggling. U-Haul has partnered with Mohr Manufacturing to offer a line of energy-absorbing bumper add-ons for cars that the companies claim will help protect passengers as well as your car in 99 percent of rear-end collisions.

According to U-Haul and Mohr Manufacturing, these receiver-mounted spare bumpers and hitch covers also reduce the impact velocity of a rear-end collision. The prices range from $89.95 for the Superbumper Hitch Cover to $149.95 for the Superbumper Non-Towing Version to $179 for the Superbumper Towing Version. For details, visit

I’ve replaced my car’s rear bumper twice after rear-end collisions that were no fault of my own, so I know how costly and arduous the process can be. You have to file insurance claims, provide cost comparisons and live without your car while it’s being repaired. That’s a lot of hassle. Fortunately, I wasn’t hurt in any of my collisions, but if you add an injury into this mix, you might wish you’d have purchased the spare bumper in the first place.