Turbo Diesel Review

Two years ago while attending SEMA; I stumbled across an interesting item, the SuperBumper by Mohr Manufacturing.

The SuperBumper is a shock-absorbing bumper which mounts into the receiver hitch of our diesel trucks (and many other vehicles as well). Made of four inch steel tubing and having a length of 24 inches, this is a substantial piece of equipment.

The shock-absorbing mechanism is achieved when several high-density rubber “springs” are inserted around and in the shaft of the SuperBumper and inserted into the receiver hitch. The manufacture claims (Guarantees) the SuperBumper will withstand a five mile an hour direct hit without sustaining damage to itself or transferring any damage to the vehicle.

The SuperBumper also comes standard with a ball mount for towing, with a choice of mounts ranging from 1 7/8”, 2” or 2 5/16”. The towing capacity of the SuperBumper is a whooping 6,000 pounds with a 600 pound tongue weight. These units are designed to work only with a 2” receiver.

The SuperBumper also has a brother named SpareBumper. The SpareBumper is exactly the same as the SuperBumper except without the ball mount. Both units have a non-skid surface on the top for stepping in and out of the bed of the truck.
They are available unpainted, painted or chromed with a price point ranging from $130.00 to $220.00 for the SuperBumper and $110.00 to 190.00 for the SpareBumper.
After a careful inspection of the product, I could find no flaws in workmanship. Installation was straight forward and took less than two minutes after reading the instructions (I know, I know us guys don’t need any stinkin’ instructions).
Contact Information:
Phone – 952-882-8800