Most tow vehicles are driven around not towing anything most of the time. The receiver hitch is bare, or covered by a receiver hitch cap. Jim Mohr and his company, Mohr Manufacturing, has a much better use for the receiver hitch when not towing – the Superbumper.

Unlike cars, there are no bumper collision standards for pickups, SUVs or minivans. Incidentally, since the 1983 model year, it has been the 2.5–mph bumper standard rather than the previous 5–mph standard.

The Superbumper serves both as a combination receiver–mounted bumper and a trailer hitch that pulls and cushions a trailer when towing, then protects the tow vehicle from rear–end collisions when not towing. An 18–inch–wide model is designed for midsize trucks, vans and SUVs, while the 24–inch–wide version is for full–size vehicles.

The Superbumper combines a standard ball mount with an energy–absorbing bumper. If your vehicle is hit from behind or you accidentally bump into something while backing up, the patented compression system will absorb approximately 3 mph of the impact.

According to Mohr, it is the only bumper (original or aftermarket) to ever pass the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety’s 5–mph “Rear Into Pole” crash test without damage to the vehicle or the bumper. Besides preventing – or at least reducing – vehicle damage, the Superbumper can help reduce whiplash injuries, shield the gas tank, eliminate parking lot dents and dings, and lower insurance claims.

The Superbumper is designed to fit any vehicle with a 2–inch receiver hitch. The hitch is rated Class III/IV, for towing up to 6,000 pounds with a tongue weight of 600 pounds. It is adjustable up or down, and you can still use your receiver–mounted systems like bike racks and cargo carriers without removing the bumper.

Prices range from $179 to $289 depending on width, finish and whether standard or heavy duty. This is a small investment compared to the typical $2,000 damage from a 5–mph impact as shown by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. Both the 18–inch, 3–inch–diameter Model 312 and the 24–inch, 4–inch–diameter Model 424 come in three finishes – black, chrome or LineX® brand bedliner coating. Made in the U.S., the Superbumper comes with a lifetime crash warranty. If you are rear–ended and the Superbumper breaks or bends, Mohr will replace it absolutely free of charge.

The Superbumper can also be used with the receiver hitch found on virtually every motorhome. This bumper overcomes the problem found with most motorhomes, in that the hitches are tucked behind and below the bumper. Thus, you have to hit the bumper and expensive body work before you hit the hitch, which can, in itself, absorb a 3– to 5–mph impact, depending on the hitch. The Superbumper moves the hitch out beyond the vehicle bumper to take advantage of this inherent strength.

Rear–end collisions are the most frequent accident on the highway, and 75% of them occur at less than 10 mph; most are direct hits. The Superbumper may eliminate most, if not all, of the damage from 75% of all rear end collisions.

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