Did you know that if you get rear ended you have a 22% higher risk of a whiplash injury with a ball mount in your receiver hitch than without one? Why? Because a vehicle equipped with a receiver hitch produces a stiffer “crash pulse” increasing acceleration to the occupants.

And even if you remove the ball mount, you still have the receiver hitch which is bolted directly to the frame. There’s just NO give.

Crash tests with ball mounts and receiver hitches produce a “stiff” pulse and will cause greater neck movement than a “soft” impact pulse in a rear end collision.

Step outside and take a look around the parking lot. You’ll probably see a dozen vehicles with their ball mounts in their receiver hitches. Some people seem to think that a ball mount will protect them in a rear end collision. Well, it may help protect the vehicle to some degree but they really need to be concerned about the occupants.

Safety Tip: Remove any fixed or static receiver hitch product when you get done using it: i.e. ball mounts, bike racks, cargo carriers and even the current “hitch steps” on the market today. All they’ll do is increase your chances of injury. And for women, they are already two times more susceptible to whiplash then a man because their necks are not as strong.

There is a safer way to tow your trailer or to make your receiver hitch safer when you get done towing. All of our products “soften the crash pulse” and that is what separates our products from all the rest – SAFETY.