Burnsville, Minnesota — Jan 25, 2008 — Mohr MFG. introduces a complete line of patented, energy absorbing, receiver mounted ball mounts called “SUPERBUMPERS.” These new trailer hitches not only pull your trailer, they protect your family, your vehicle and insurance the other 99% of the time when you’re not towing.

SUPERBUMPERs combine a ball mount with an energy absorbing bumper or “Hitch Step.” They protect your vehicle from: rear-end collisions, reduce whiplash injuries, shield your gas tank from under-ride, eliminate parking lot and parallel parking dents and dings caused by Tailgaters, Uninsured Motorists, Bumper To Bumper Traffic, Distracted Drivers, Inattentive Cell Phone Users, Drivers With Poor Judgment, Text Messengers And Lousy, Stinking Parallel Parkers.

The patented compression system passed a 5 mph “Rear Into Pole” crash test similar to the tests conducted by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety without damaging the vehicle. Since 75% of all rear end collisions are less than 10 mph and most are direct hits, they make a huge difference in the outcome of the crash.

There are two different models to choose from and all are designed to fit vehicles with a 2″ receiver hitch and are rated Class III/IV for pulling trailers up to 6,000 pounds with a tongue weight of 600 pounds.

They are available in black power-coat or chrome and all have a lifetime crash warranty – if they bend or break from a rear end collision, at any speed, they will be replaced absolutely FREE.

For more information contact:
Jeff Mohr, CEO, Mohr MFG., 1319 Larc Industrial Blvd., Burnsville, MN, 55337.
Phone/Fax: 952.882.8800
Toll Free: 800.852.6752
Email: superbumper@qwest.net
Or log on to the web site at https://www.superbumper.com for additional information.
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