The folks at Mohr Manufacturing have come up with a pretty crafty and very functional new product called the SuperBumper. What makes the Super-Bumper so cool is the fact that it’s a multi-function tool. It acts as an energy-absorbing bumper for your tow hitch, has a connection to be used as a tow hitch, and can also be used as a hitch step to access items placed on top of your Jeep vehicle.

The SuperBumper can be used 100% of the time and uses rubber torsion bars that can absorb a significant amount of energy, withstanding impacts without any damage of up to 20mph and significantly reducing damage at speeds faster than this. The product installs in less than 15 seconds and is offered in 3” & 4” tube widths, in lengths of 18” or 24”, depending on your application. Currently there is only a 2” hitch receiver version available but a 1-1/4” hitch receiver version is expected for availability by March 2010.

This is a very ingenious product and a must-have for those looking for a little extra protection in the rear of their vehicle, and also want a multi-functional product that can serve a number of purposes. For more information, please visit the Mohr Manufacturing website at