Six gift ideas for dads who drive – June 16, 2009

–Super Bumper: Jeff Mohr began his Minnesota-based company in 2001 after his wife was involved in a rear-end crash. She wasn’t injured, but Mohr began wondering how he could minimize the damage caused when a vehicle is rear-ended, and he came up with the Super Bumper, designed as an add-on for trucks, SUVs and cars that have a towing hitch receiver. The Super Bumper, a tubular steel bumper beam, plugs in where the trailer hitch goes, and – thanks to hard rubber doughnuts that separate it from the vehicle – it acts as a shock absorber when the vehicle is hit from the rear. It also serves as a step to help you reach inside a truck bed. You can install it or remove it in less than a minute. Prices start at $89.95 at