Anyone who parks in a parking garage or on the street knows all too well the risks involved. Dents, dings and scratches usually end up all over your vehicle, especially on the bumpers.

A survey of parking garages indicates that the number of accident related complaints are going up. Part of the reason is that almost all vehicles today have plastic bumpers that are vulnerable to damage, and expensive to fix.

Our goal was to determine the most common complaints and concerns of customers. The data showed that the most common complaint in parking was damage to the front and rear bumpers. In addition, many people feel it’s OK to “love tap” the other vehicle. The majority of people fear that their vehicle will be damaged after parking and more than 79% of people claim to have had their bumpers damaged in a parking garage at least once. Statistically, the majority of all bumper scratches occur during parking maneuvers. In most instances, the damage occurs when the vehicle is unsupervised or through the negligence of “the other guy”.

There is no question that accidents happen when parking, usually when you least expect it. Repairing a damaged bumper can easily cost hundreds of dollars in out of pocket expense. And, since many insurance policies have a $500 or more deductible, you end up paying.

Three major factors determine the price and value of a vehicle: model year, mileage and condition. If the vehicle’s bodywork is in good condition and the interior is well-kept, chances are that the vehicle has been well maintained. If the bodywork has dings and dents and paint chips, it shows an uncaring owner who probably neglected the vehicle.

So, why waste money on expensive repairs or drive a damaged vehicle with scratches? When you purchase one of our SUPERBUMPERS, you are taking a proactive approach to protecting your investment.