Product Spotlight: Mohr Manufacturing Bumper Shields for Trucks and SUVs

By Benson Kong

Mohr Manufacturing’s bumper shields might be the best protection one can get to protect from vehicle accidents. These bumper shields/skid plates/hitch covers will protect your truck or SUV from the two most common vehicle accidents: getting hit while parked and rear end collisions. The bumper shield covers receiver hitches, and works as bumper shields for rear-mounted 2-in. receiver hitches. The shield also acts as a skid plate and bumper shield for front mounted receiver hitches.
Mohr Manufacturing’s bumper shield is 16-in. wide and 6-in. high, and only sticks out 4-in. beyond a receiver hitch in its full compression mode. When contacted, the shield will crush 2 in. and won’t interfere with most vehicles equipped with backup alarms. On full-size pickups or SUVs, the shields can be flipped down to protect against under-ride, and can also be flipped up to protect smaller size trucks and SUVs against over-ride.

The shield uses a dual compression system so it can be pinned out for maximum protection, or pinned further in for clearance issues. The shield should be pinned closer in for off-roading, tight garage spaces, or to avoid being detected by backup alarms. It is as simple as arranging the rubber bumpers/spacers to pin the shield in its desired location.

The bumper shield is energy-absorbing, so it won’t transfer all crash energy from a rear-end collision directly to the occupants. The shield will keep the receiver hitch from bending when hit in the rear and will also keep careless parallel parkers from hitting your bumper. Even in high-energy crash situations, the shield will help to reduce whiplash. The bumper shield carries a lifetime crash warranty, and if it bends or breaks from a rear-end collision, at any speed, it will be replaced for free.
Image courtesy of Mohr Manufacturing.