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STOPS Tailgaters And Distracted Drivers On Contact!

Crash Attenuators Safely Defend Your Vehicle From Damage, Your Family From Whiplash and Your Insurance Rates From Rising from the two most frequent vehicle accidents: Getting Hit While Parked and The Rear End Collision

STOP Tailgaters And Distracted Drivers On Contact!
SUPERBUMPERS on Motorweek’s Goss’ Garage!

See how Crash Attenuators Safely Protect & Defend Your Vehicle From Rear End Collision Damage while Protecting Your Family From Whiplash and YOUR Insurance Rates From Rising!

Kim_Ostenberg_100_pixelsI couldn’t be happier with this bumper!  I was in a bad car accident a year ago and this gives me such peace of mind.  I’ve noticed drivers keeping their distance!”   Kim Ostenberg, FL

Withstands Impacts of Over 30 MPH!

Proof that Superbumper Works to help reduce whiplash injury and prevent damage from rear end collisions. See the actual crash testimonials from Superbumper Customers now! Get the Crash Testimonials!
SPAREBUMPER “Safety Bumper” Same crash tested, American made, shock absorbing compression system WITHOUT Towing capability! For those of you that already have towing equipment.

SP424 Sparebumper

See all the SP424 SPAREBUMPER Models

SP424 Sparebumper - Reduce rear end collision damage and whiplash injury!

Bumper Shield/Whiplash Cover “Safety Hitch Cover & Bumper Guard” Not Just Another Cheezy Plastic Hitch Cover!


See all the Bumper Shields available

BUMPER Shield - Reduce rear end collision damage and whiplash injury!

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